Town of Stony Plain Municipal Development Plan

While working for the Town of Stony Plain, Jean was the Project Manager for a combined Municipal Development Plan and Community Sustainability Plan with associated growth management strategies.  This community currently has a population of over 16,000, a 4% per annum growth rate and is projected to be about 30,000 by 2030. Part of the project management process was to embed consultants with the municipal staff to provide technical support and also a high level review of the work.  The documentation included a project website, Background Studies, an Action Plan and the Municipal Development Plan.  This plan used extensive engagement to establish the community vision and also for the land use planning policies of neighbourhoods in transition. Chris led the preparation of demographic research and analysis, including the style of the information for the project website.  Both Chris and Jean worked on the the growth management component of the plan and also the land use policies.   Jean worked with Stantec on the vision and the directives.

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